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Sprint Data Solutions super charged casino gambler databases is one of the most responsive gambling database’s in the world. In use by major casino’s locally in Las Vegas, Canada, Europe and virtually worldwide. We manage some of the largest casino’s most exclusive business mailing list and at home lists of gamblers. We have both internet gamblers and gamblers that have responded by direct mail.


Sprint Data Solutions has without questions the world largest most active gambler databases on the planet. Gamblers spend a fair amount of their free time into casino and gambling. Many travel to different vacation destinations in quest of this hobby. Many go to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Caribbean and other casino hot spots.

Their individual interests and backgrounds often contribute to their consumer purchases. This one-of-a-kind database has been created with over 300 demographic and lifestyle selects making segmenting possibilities limitless and right on target each and every time.

They are an ultimate target audience for a variety of consumer offers including travel offers; casino rewards cards, catalogs, periodicals, credit cards, insurance offers, educational programs and much more.
We provide permission based data of active gamblers that respond. This is perfectly suitable for the direct mail campaign and multi-channel marketing. Fields include phone, email address, name, income, interest, lifestyle, gender, age, ALL Sorts OF GAMING ACTIVITY and Off Track bettors mailing lists.


Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is the KING KONG of Casino and Gambling Mailing Lists

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Inc provides timely, relevant and update data that is fully verified by an independent third party with verification reports. This data will be an exact fit your marketing campaigns.

  • Increase high response rates for your marketing campaigns.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Reach prospects without any geographical barriers.

For more information, please write us at sales@sprintdatasolutions.com or Call us @ (702) 472-8668. Reach out to the Las Vegas headquarters for REAL Gambler data!!

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Volume Package Leads

  • Alabama Gambler Call and Mail List
  • Arkansas Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • ARIZONA Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Arizona Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • California Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Colorado Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Connecticut Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Delaware Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Florida Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Georgia Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Hawaii Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Idaho Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Illinois Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Indiana Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Iowa Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Kansas Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Kentucky Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Louisiana Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Maine Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Maryland Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Massachusetts Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Michigan Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Minnesota Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Mississippi Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Missouri Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Montana Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Nebraska Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Nevada Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • New Hampshire Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • New Jersey Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • New Mexico Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • New York Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • North Carolina Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • North Dakota Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Ohio Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Oklahoma Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Oregon Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Pennsylvania Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Rhode Island Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • South Carolina Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • South Dakota Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Tennessee Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Texas Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Utah Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Vermont Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Virginia Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Washington Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • West Virginia Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Wisconsin Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List
  • Wyoming Gamblers & Sweepstakes Mailing List

Gamblers Are An Active Market if You Can Reach Them

For as long as humans have recorded history, there have always been games of chance in every age and culture, and there have always been people with enthusiasm for gambling on these games of chance. In the modern era, gambling is widely practiced worldwide and in many different forms. Whether betting on horse racing in Japan, online betting on sporting event outcomes in Canada, or just a game of Black Jack in a Las Vegas casino, gambling is alive and well, and there is a vast segment of the global population with a passion for it.
This also represents a massive marketing opportunity for certain products and services. Still, the kind of results that bring increased sales can only be achieved by going to the right people with the right approach. That can be challenging to the best of it. Still, specific marketing services can now eliminate the effort required to track these groups down and quickly provide everything a business needs to find and market to a chosen marketing demographic.

Gambling Continues To Grow

Marketing research indicates that from 2023 to 2027, the gambling market is expected to grow by over USD$260 billion. That market is divided chiefly into three segments.


Lotteries are games of “pure” chance, where there isn’t even any active intervention involved. Lotteries may take the form of either random selections or, more popularly in many nations, a random draw of numbers and letters that then relies on participants having created their sequence of numbers and letters to see if there are any matches.
Lotteries can be run by just about any organization, which is why lotteries are one of the few types of gambling that sometimes sees direct management by government groups. For example, New York Lottery is owned and operated by New York State Gaming Commission, an official state government body. The same is true in Canada, where provincial governments also conduct lotteries.
Because lotteries are so easy to create and participate in, lottery enthusiasts are a large and varied market that covers a vast spectrum of the general population.


The betting activity requires a little more skill in some respects. Betting is a form of gambling where participants offer money contingent on a specific outcome. Should that outcome occur, they will win their money back plus an additional multiplier based on any number of factors.
Betting most commonly occurs in horse racing, with people betting on which horse will win a race. However, other sporting events have quickly become popular, such as betting venues for football, hockey, and basketball games. It’s argued that some skill may be involved at higher levels of betting since the likelihood of a win in an athletic or another sporting event can theoretically be derived from an intimate understanding of the participants. Someone who understands just how fast a particular horse is and how slow the competitor horses are can, for example, place a bet on the winning horse with reasonable confidence in the outcome versus someone wildly guessing at what the result will be.
Because of this, there is a wide range of betting participants, with some just beginning their journey and still learning the intricacies of their betting field of interest and seasoned veterans that have a good understanding of the odds of wagering and hot-to-place bets.


Most people associate the word “gambling with casinos since this is the most common and high-profile form, glamourized in everything from books to movies. And, of course, the United States has one of the most famous casino cities in the world, Las Vegas, as a testament to the popularity of this form of gambling
Casinos, of course, offer traditional “games of chance” that may be partly based on luck and skill or entirely based on luck. Games like poker require practice and study, while games like roulette are similar to lotteries in that picking a number and color are the only elements of participation required from players.

The Business Potential

One of the best things about the gambling market is that while gambling is a common interest, the spectrum of gamblers runs across all faiths, races, and income levels. The lower and middle classes have people just as ready to gamble as those in the upper class, and Asian or African-American gamblers join Caucasian gamblers online, on the race track, or in the casino. Whether Christian, atheist, Jewish, or Buddhist, people of many beliefs still are willing to gamble.
This broad spectrum across the gambling demographic means many different products and services may interest EOF internet st as a matter of honing in on the suitable characteristics and using precision marketing to get maximum engagement from a demographic with a higher interest level in the products or services offered.

Some examples of products and services that have the potential to go to the gambling market are:

Novelty Items

One area with much potential for sales is novelty items. Gambling is a recreational activity, and as a result, many gamblers want to have more fun with their passion or hobby. This can include fun items like novelty clothing like shirts and socks, dressing accessories like cufflinks, or even decorations to hang at home, such as casino-themed items.

Gambling Accessories Buyers

Depending on a gambler’s area of interest, many accessories can appeal to this market. Some poker players, for example, may want their deck of cards or gambling chips for games with friends at home. Others may be interested in drinking flasks to store their favorite beverage when they go to the race track or casino.


Gamblers are always interested in improving their chances of winning, and depending on the game of choice; there are skills and techniques they can perfect to improve their odds. Books, whether in physical or digital format, are still one of the best ways for gamblers to have a ready source of information, so marketing the right book, with the right topic, to the right gambler tends to be viewed as a good investment by those buyers.


Thanks to the Internet, learning from professionals is no longer an issue on the right location and available location to learn at a specific time. Online education is one of the most significant growth sectors, so it should be no surprise that online gambling courses are a service with an active, interested market. Whether it is courses for specific games, such as poker, or general courses for cultivating the appropriate mindset for gambling, these services will always have interested customers, provided they know the service is available.

The Demographics

Beyond the general characteristics of the gambling demographic, such as age, race, or faith, one of the critical metrics for successful marketing is ensuring the right product or service is presented to the proper interest. For example, if a gambler is primarily interested in online poker, then marketing horse racing-related products and services will result in lower interest, engagement, and response; as numerous as gamblers are, there are specific niches and areas of focus that must be accounted for, such as:


You can’t market to gamblers unless you know where they are, so it’s essential to target specific locations, such as areas within the United States or internationally, depending on the scope of the marketing ambition.

High Rollers

While not every gambler is willing to bet enormous amounts, these “whales” of the gambling sector generate a tremendous amount of revenue, which is why it’s always important to know who the high rollers are and where their interests lie.

Poker Players

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the world today, so the market for poker players is enormous and potentially global. Any product or service that would be of interest to poker players has massive sales potential.

Slot Machine Players

Slot machines are one of the purest games of chance, but that doesn’t stop slot machines from being a popular and accessible form of gambling played by people worldwide. While it’s a different demographic from poker players, it’s still a sizable one.

Keno Players

While lotteries are in a class of their own, a version known as Keno is popular in casinos, creating a unique hybrid market where people who go to casinos still have the same interests and sensibilities as those that prefer to gamble through lottery-based game systems.

Prop Bettors

Gamblers playing a game are expected to bet, but prop bettors is a unique market where people bet on the gamblers themselves and the outcome of their games. Like other forms of betting, this is an active, intricate market where knowledge and some skill are involved.

Sports Gamblers

Sporting events are one of the oldest forms of betting and gambling, although the sports and the breadth of betting on them have dramatically increased in recent years. It’s not just boxing matches that take up interest; team-based sports like basketball, hockey, baseball, and football are also part of this market.

Bookie Services & Para Mutual Betting

While gambling can be automated, the bookmaker or “bookie” can still be an essential part of facilitating the experience. Bookie services are something that a wide variety of gamblers, particularly those interested in betting, will still be interested in.

Roulette Gamblers

Roulette is a classic game of chance and still has loyal fans worldwide as an exciting and glamorous form of gambling. Being able to target specifically the roulette enthusiast market with the right product or service is always a good idea.

Sweepstakes Gamblers

Lotteries are one of the most popular forms of gambling, with participants playing at home and authorized oat outlets all over the United States and the rest of the world. Because of the easy-to-implement nature of sweepstakes, these events can be scaled up or down from strictly local to national relevance, which applies to the products and services associated with lotteries.

Online Gamblers

The 21st century is firmly one with the Internet as a pillar of interaction, and gambling successfully moved into the online environment. Whether it’s poker, sweepstakes, or other traditional games, many gamblers now have online options to pursue their passion and associated interest in online-related products and services.


Bingo Players

Bingo may be regarded as a game for seniors, but that means a sizable demographic that can sometimes have a substantial disposable income. Today’s elderly, whether retired or still active, have fewer gambling options, making bingo a popular alternative.

Pai Gow Players

While Pai Gow is an Asian form of gambling, it has grown in popularity and is now enjoyed by players in China and the world over. The sizable Asian culture in many countries, including the United States, has brought their traditional gambling game to a global audience.

Esports Gamblers

It should be no surprise that Esports, once regarded as a hobby, got interested in the gaming sphere once it went professional. Esports now command huge audiences, and as a result, the betting market around these events has also grown.

NBA Gamblers

Basketball has rapidly grown over the decades to become one of America’s favorite sports, no longer lost in the shadow of more traditional sports like baseball and football. Because of this growth, betting and gambling on basketball games is now a thriving industry.

Off Track Bettors

While most horse racing bets are traditionally placed at the track, for many years, off-track bettors have placed wagers on races worldwide in many different nations. Since geography is not the hindrance here that it used to be, the market for off-track bettors is potentially global in size.


The elderly are often in a unique position as they are typically retired and have more time to devote to leisure activities after decades of productive employment and family-rearing. As a result, whether it’s a retiree on a pension or a sizable estate, senior gamblers have more time to devote to their interests.

Texas Hold ‘Em Gamblers

Texas Hold ‘Em is now one of the most popular poker game variants. Because of this, the market for Texas Hold ‘Em enthusiasts is much larger now than in years past. This sizable demographic now cuts across a vast range of different age, faith, racial and economic groups.

7 Card Stud Gamblers

While Texas Hold ‘Em is now the most popular version of Poker played today, for many years, it was 7 Card Stud that occupied this role, and it remains popular today. As with Texas Hold ‘Em, there are rules specific to this style of play and a loyal market of enthusiasts who continue to enjoy playing this version of Poker.

Craps Players

Another game of chance, this one relying on the literal roll of the dice. Craps has its traditions, fans, and hobby culture, so it’s essential to know precisely where these enthusiasts are and market specifically to their interests for the best results.

Baccarat Players

While Baccarat is not at the same level of popularity in card games as Texas Hold ‘Em today, it remains a fixture in many casinos and has been immortalized in the classic James Bond movies of the 1960s as a sophisticated, urbane form of gambling. It also still has a sizable demographic of enthusiasts the world over.

Slot Tournament Players

Slot machines are a perennial favorite in casinos. Still, one of the more notable evolutions in the game is the rise of slot tournaments, where people compete against each other for the highest number of points instead of just the payout from an individual machine. This has created a new, specific demographic within the slot machine enthusiast market.


We Can Help

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing started in Las Vegas, Nevada, and remains in proud operation there. It first began operations in the direct mail industry, acquiring comprehensive mailing lists for various businesses, including casinos and other gambling operations in the area. This led to steady growth and expansion, eventually operating past Nevada to cover the entire continental United States, then all other states, and ultimately other North American nations like Canada, Mexico, and even European countries.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide now has a massive database of contacts meticulously rechecked and updated for relevancy. The company also offers more than just physical mailing addresses. Telephone numbers for voice calls, email addresses, and cellular phone numbers for text/SMS messaging are now available depending on the marketing needs.

Find The Right Gamblers

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help clients find the right market based on interest and demographics. Metrics like race, faith, and economic class can be factored in, as well as other classifications such as hobbies, lifestyle interests, and other factors. It’s even possible to have turnkey direct gambler incentive mailing campaigns where we guide clients through every step in conceiving and executing their direct mail marketing plan.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help if you’re ready to market to gamblers. Contact us, and let us help you achieve your goals.


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